School Partners


Our collaborations enable us to; extend our reach in the community, raise awareness of our and other services, and respond effectively to needs by working towards our outcomes.  In addition to networking and signposting generally with community organisations, we also collaborate on joint delivery of services. We have ongoing networks and collaborations with the following organisations;

Image of the Church of the Good Shepherd logo

Church of the Good Shepherd

The church works closely with Red Hen on joint delivery of activities and access to venues.

Image of the Cambridgeshire time credit logo

Cambridgeshire Time Credits

Time Credits help build communities through volunteering and enables us to give recognition to time given through community ‘currency’ time credits.

Image of the FareShare, community food network logo

Fare Share

Fare Share redistributes surplus food to frontline charities, fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

Image of the Kettles Yard, Open House logo

Kettle's Yard - Open House

Open House is a long-term creative partnership between Kettle’s Yard, the University Art gallery, and its neighbours in north Cambridge.

Cambridge Central Aid

Providing grants for those in crisis to purchase essential household items, e.g washing machines.

Blue Smile

Improving children’s mental health through joint working & link meetings in schools.

Children’s Centre’s and Early Help team (County Council)

Information sharing (where appropriate) and joint delivery.


Offering venues for coaching sessions.

Cambridge Sustainable Food

Joint delivery of food poverty relief.

Sharing Parenting

Joint delivery on accredited parenting courses.

Cambridge City Council

Joint delivery on; trips, outings and holiday lunches.

King’s Hedges Family Support Project

Referrals to and from our service.

North Cambridge Community Partnership

Networking lunches and information sharing.

Cambridge Foodbank

Reducing the effects of food poverty, through referrals.

Free Cakes for Kids

Improved emotional wellbeing through recognising & celebrating birthdays.

The Besom Project

Improved emotional wellbeing and reducing the effects of poverty, through donations of Christmas hampers and children’s presents.

Cambridge Council for Voluntary Services (CCVS)

Improved access to training, workshops & volunteer opportunities.