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Victor's Story

 ‘Our family was very stressed and stuck! We couldn’t communicate with our son. Victor wouldn’t talk about his day at school, his problems and his feelings. School was also finding it difficult to help Victor because he wouldn’t share with adults what was upsetting him and getting him angry.’ 

‘Maria helped me to communicate better with my son, in a calm manner and she helped me understanding Victor’s needs better. Maria encouraged us to spend more time together as a family.’

‘Now we enjoy playing games together. Victor helps me with housework and he is more calm and understanding. I feel happy that Victor can regulate his emotions better, that he talks to me about his day and how things are going at school.’



Tanya's story

Tanya is a Red Hen Trustee; having engaged with the project for many years, and benefiting from Red Hen support for her and her family.

Tanya speaks proudly about her involvement with the project, and the impact it has had on her life; ‘All thanks to the Red Hen Project; without their help and support, I don’t know where I’d be or what would’ve happened to my family.’ She is pleased to be part of an organisation which is democratic and co-produced by the community.

‘My youngest child is at school and coping better with her medical condition, home life has improved so much. I’m also doing loads better, getting the help and support I need.’

Tanya explains that the relationship she has developed with Red Hen has motivated her to stay involved and share her experiences with peers.

‘The Red Hen Project workers listened to me, talked to me, and together we came up with ways to improve things. Slowly but surely things improved.’


Julie’s story

Julie has 6 children, 2 of them are at primary school and one pre-school age. Both Julie and her husband had difficult childhoods and have struggled with managing a large family. When the family were first referred to the project Julie was struggling with her mental health and said “I was a hermit, never went anywhere or mixed with anybody. I was lonely and isolated and this made it hard for the children because they were cut off from everybody too”.

Julie speaks really positively about her relationship with the project; “They always listen to my issues and concerns, they gave me really good advice to help with sleep routines and managing the children. The biggest support they gave me was encouraging me to go to groups and meet new people.” 


Riley’s story

Riley’s parents always knew that there was something different about Riley, but it was at the age of 8 that they were able to find out some answers! Riley had regular big outbursts with simple little things, and the family was not sure how to support him best. He had a very rigid diet and he was extremely reluctant to try new foods. At school, he found it difficult to follow instructions out of his normal routine and his teacher had to break down tasks into small steps. Maria was able to support Riley and his family’s relationship with school.

“Maria suggested different ways to help Riley recognise his feelings and how to cope with them. She also gave us new ways to encourage him to try and eat new textures and tastes. She visited us every two weeks and we felt well supported. Riley looked forward to her visits”.