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Case Study

Case Study: Victor’s Story

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After a couple of incidents at school, Victor’s mother Tanja was called in to school. Tanja told the head teacher that she did not know what to do! Tanja asked for help. Victor was displaying challenging behaviour at home. Victor was also losing the interest in his school work and he became withdrawn.
Tanja explained: ‘Our family was very stressed and stuck! We couldn’t communicate with our son. Victor wouldn’t talk about his day at school, his problems and his feelings. School was also finding it difficult to help Victor because he wouldn’t share with adults what was upsetting him and getting him angry.’

The Red Hen Project worker, Maria was able to deliver a set of 1:1 sessions with Victor at his school. In these sessions they explored what makes Victor angry and they discussed ways to think positively. Victor was able to come up with his own solutions and together they developed an action plan. Victor said that when he gets angry he needs to go to a quiet place to calm down, he explained that others can help by allowing him to have his space and time to calm down. Victor started to open up as the sessions went on and his behaviour improved at school and at home.

Victor became more confident and his doing well at school. His teacher is pleased with his positive attitude towards his learning.

At home they set weekly family meetings, where children and parents had the opportunity to discuss current issues, hear each other’s points of view, and together, they come up with their own solutions.

‘Maria helped me to communicate better with my son, in a calm manner and she helped me understanding Victor’s needs better. Maria encouraged us to spend more time together as a family.’

‘Now we enjoy playing games together. Victor helps me with housework and he is more calm and understanding. I feel happy that Victor can regulate his emotions better, that he talks to me about his day and how things are going at school.’

After the Red Hen support this family’s relationships improved, communication is much better and the trust in each other’s abilities and strengths has grown. It is now a happier house, with less stress and more fun.

‘Our future looks promising. We are working well together as a great team. Victor developed independent skills and he is better prepared for the challenges ahead because he can regulate his emotions better.’

Tanja works fulltime therefore not able to attend our coffee mornings and day workshops. However, she follows closely The Red Hen Project Facebook page: ‘I appreciate positive parenting tips and finding out about local activities on The Red Hen Facebook page.’

‘The Red Hen support is great, with good workers with a welcoming and friendly attitude. I would have liked to be supported by the Project for a longer period of time.’

‘Victor is now in year 6. He changed so much! His homework is now all done. What a change! Victor and his brother Oliver are getting on well and no longer hurting each other.
I need to tell the world! We don’t get broken doors anymore! The Red Hen Project changed my family to a better one. I am very grateful for the help. All credit to Maria, Victor trusted her, and she was the one to break the wall. Now, Victor talks to me about his feelings and about his day at school.’

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