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Case Study

‘So glad I gave Red Hen a chance’

By 4th May 2021May 14th, 2021No Comments

When school noticed that one of Clara’s children was struggling emotionally, they suggested she speak to the Red Hen Project.

Clara was reluctant. She had recently become a single mum and had no family to support her.

She said: “One of the TAs told me about Red Hen but I didn’t want anyone judging me about what I had been through. They could see I was struggling and they encouraged me to give Red Hen a chance. Thank goodness I did!

“Maria was my key worker and she was amazing. She would let me talk. I was very low. I was worried if I said the wrong thing they would contact social services. I do everything for my family.

“Red Hen have helped me so much. They are absolutely unbelievable. They are trustworthy, friendly, and caring. Red Hen is my family. It’s my lifeline.”

As well as one-to-one support, Clara has attended courses and her family enjoyed one of our day trips. During a parenting course, Clara benefitted not only from the strategies she was given but the time to be her own person for a couple of hours a week and talk to other parents while a volunteer looked after her baby.

Having people to turn to has made a real difference to Clara.

She said: “I was having a bad day at the start of the pandemic. The schoolwork was getting on top of me. Sarah came round with a fruit box and asked if she could help. I said I needed nappies. She went to Tesco for me and got nappies and also bought me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up.

“They helped us with a free Christmas dinner. We got this massive turkey with all the vegetables. I was so thankful and grateful they helped me give my children that.

“They were there for me and they are still there for me now. They are amazing people.”

Do you need support? Email or call 07966 839 635 to speak to the team.


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