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Feed a family this Christmas day

By 9th November 2021December 11th, 2021No Comments



Thanks to the generosity of Cambridge Fruit Company customers – we will work with other local charities to deliver 269 Christmas dinner boxes to families in need on the 22 and 23 December!


Please support our work through a donation to fund our crucial work over the rest of the year – preventing families from falling into crisis and getting them back on their feet.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced family workers support up to 50 families, intensively, 121 across CB4 at any one time, for on average 6-9 months.  We help the family tackle the underlying causes of problems, connect them into their community and build their resilience and independence.

Looking for a simple practical way to help a family in need this Christmas?

We are so excited that Cambridge Fruit Company customers are donating Christmas dinner boxes this year, that we will deliver to a family in need.

If you prefer, you can donate to support us here, which will help fund our work year-round.

The Cambridge Fruit Company have been supporting the Red Hen Project since the very early days of the Coronavirus pandemic. They have facilitated their customers donating more than 2000 boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, developed into a special box that includes eggs and milk.  It’s been a massive help for many families we work with.