One-to-one Support

We work with families one-to-one over several months. We work together at home, school and in the community to improve family life and relationships. Think we could help your child and family? Get in touch, or speak to your school about getting help from Red Hen.

How we do it

The Red Hen Project focuses on the individual needs of each child and their families, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Almost anything that is making life difficult for children and parents can be tackled. We prioritise one-to-one support, complemented by peer support, and help families to become independent. This may include, but not be exclusive to

  • addressing behaviour difficulties, reluctance to attend school, routines, accessing out of school activities
  • helping families with housing, benefits or debts issues
  • supporting families and children through the challenges of relationship breakdown, domestic violence, mental or physical health

Who we help

The Red Hen do this by operating family support, through a home-school liaison programme. We currently work with children and families from five primary schools, Arbury, King’s Hedges, The Grove, Shirley, and Orchard Park, with a particular focus on children who are displaying emotional and behavioural difficulties. The nature of our work, and the approach we take means that we not only work with the child’s parents and other carers but often with siblings of these children, who do not necessarily attend one of our five schools.