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Local author shares his coaching expertise and raises money for Red Hen

By 25th May 2022No Comments

Local author, Mike Mair is gearing up to champion his new book, Developing the Intelligent Young Footballer.

Mike, who grew up in Aberdeen now lives in with his wife Sonia and two boys Lewis and Daniel.  Mike’s book, Developing the Intelligent Young Footballer is based on his own true-life experiences and practical no-nonsense advice inspired by the highs and lows of his past that have given him the strength to tackle life’s rich tapestry with a smile and, in turn, help the younger generation to flourish.

Mike, who is Director of Mair Development Ltd., and is a Learning & Development Consultant is highly experienced in Facilitation, People Development and Strategy and has decided to share his insights into how to develop and coach the younger generation.

Although the title clearly focuses on football – the text and recaps at the end of each chapter are all-encompassing and is an ideal guide to inspire anyone who is looking to grow and develop – and indeed perhaps simply looking for permission to simply pause, reflect and develop.

Mike’s exploration, questioning and simplifying of so many different skills ranging from letting players learn from their own mistakes, to repeating sessions and messages to empowering players to see and ‘feel’ learning along the way.    The techniques including non-verbal communication is quite simply ground-breaking as well as highly practical.    The author also shares some of his personal thoughts, which add a layer of authenticity to the book, which many self-help guides fail to achieve. What makes this guide truly different is the author’s sense of reality and down-to-earth attitude which shines through from the beginning, together with key learning points at the end of each chapter.

The author explains “Writing this has, without doubt, been a labour of love.  All things football has always been part of my life but equally during my life I have encountered some incredibly moving and affecting moments that got me thinking and I turned to writing down my experiences and what I learnt from them. Being able to turn these practical experiences into a helpful guide has been truly life-changing.

Whether you are starting out on the journey of being a football coach, in need of a ‘pick me up’ to challenge yourself or whether you are simply interested in Learning and Development I would like to think there is something in here for everyone.   I’d like to think the book champions the importance of self-belief in everyday situations that many people take for granted but looking at things a different way offers an alternative fresh approach” says Mike.  “Whether you are buying this for yourself or someone you know I hope it will offer some insight for you and some practical support”.

Mike is convinced confidence needs to be nurtured and encouraged. His life-affirming message to all is “The key to self-confidence is believing YOU CAN!”  Regardless of your age, or your learning journey, there should be something in there for everyone”.

The book will appeal to a very wide audience.  They will make fantastic gifts for adults, parents, teachers, grandparents, and friends. In short, it has universal appeal to many different people and is highly recommended.

Mike will be donating 10% of book sales to a charity very close to his heart, The Red Hen Project, which help children to achieve at home as well as at school.

What People Are Saying About

“A brilliant read. Every coach should read it. I am going to pass it on to all our coaches in the club”

“Superb book. I learned a lot from it. Get it sent into clubs”

“My teenage son picked it up and started to read it and stayed with it…it was a Christmas miracle!”

“I am halfway through what is turning to be a great read. Your extensive insights into coaching of young people in sport strongly resonates with me. The parallels to coaching business teams are clear and it is great to have the analogy to make you think about how you can coach teams to be the best they can be. Easy to read – not overcomplicated.”

Mike is very happy to talk at book clubs and local community groups about his experiences.  Developing the Intelligent Young Footballer can be purchased directly from Riverside Publishing here: Developing the Intelligent Young Footballer – Riverside Publishing Solutions