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Case Study

Megan’s story: how our family support helped her at the darkest time

By 27th August 2020November 22nd, 2020No Comments

A difficult pregnancy, the death of her aunt, and her best friend’s suicide following a battle with post-natal depression took their toll on Megan’s mental health.

In desperation she took an overdose. It was a cry for help. She was referred to Red Hen for one-to-one family support with Maria.

Looking back, Megan said: “I went into such a pit of depression. I went into hospital and I was referred for a family worker. I got Maria. She was someone to talk to, someone to give me reassurance.

“I had a new baby and then my eldest developed epilepsy. She went on holiday with her dad and ended up in hospital. I had to leave my baby and go across the country to be with her in hospital. My eldest was traumatised by it. Her behaviour wasn’t improving, she was having lots of one-to-one at school.

“Red Hen gave me my confidence back in myself. They also worked with my daughter to help her with her emotions.”

Maria works one-to-one with families to help them put strategies in place that work for them. Megan has worked to create a happy home for her family, which has involved some difficult decisions.

Maria said: “I saw Megan grow in strength and resilience each time I visited her. She took the time to reflect on how her mental health impacts on her children. Megan was open to the new ideas we discussed together and she put in place good strategies.

“Megan also started standing up for herself, choosing positive relationships. That meant ‘losing’ some family members and old friends. That takes much bravery, but she did it to make sure her house is a happy place filled with love and joy.

“Megan went back into education to study what she loves. She is very talented and we are all very proud of her efforts and achievements.

“It has been a privilege to witnessed so much growth, despite many challenges along the way. Megan is a warrior and a great mother.”

When Megan stopped having one-to-one support from Maria, we still kept in touch with her. She came to our coffee mornings and took part in one of our wellbeing events. She calls us whenever she needs someone to turn to.

Megan said: “They really got us out of a bad spiral. It was such a huge relief. Red Hen are non-judgmental. They are always there, they’re reliable and trustworthy.

“They are nothing short of life-saving. I have so much praise and gratitude for them.

“You can say whatever you want to Red Hen. If you are not sure if they can help you, ask them. If they can’t help you then they will find someone. They just want to help.”

If you need support for your family, get in touch with us for a chat. Every family is different and we focus on the individual needs of each child. Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • addressing behaviour difficulties, reluctance to attend school, routines, accessing out of school activities
  • helping with housing, benefits or debts issues
  • supporting you and your children through the challenges of relationship breakdown, domestic violence, mental or physical health.

Get in touch with us, or speak to your school about getting help from Red Hen.