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Case Study

Sarah and Tim’s Story

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Sarah has two children and met the Red Hen Project when her youngest son Tim was struggling in infant school. Recently single, she was moved into a new house, trying to reduce the impact on her children, and facing struggles that were hard to explain.   Tim was exhibiting stressed behaviours at school. Sarah was isolated, apparently resistant to offers of support, saying she was “overwhelmed” by simple tasks like phone calls.

Chris from Red Hen met the family and supported them, befriending and supporting in school meetings and through the diagnosis of Tim’s autism.  Her role was that of a translator, explaining and buffering authority processes, and helping Sarah systemise the household’s daily work. The school did not understand Tim’s unusual behaviours, until a diagnosis of autism was in place.

Chris found herself in an unexpected situation when Sarah’s naivety suddenly put her in the position of being a victim of gang rape, and hospitalised, leaving Tim and his brother without support. As healing progressed, Chris continued to be supportive. It was a sad time.

Ten years later, Sarah wrote to Chris to express her gratitude.

Tim now in his teens, enjoying his childhood in a safe and happy environment, studying 8 GCSEs including Latin. His brother on track for 3 AAA in A Levels and offered a place at University of York.  Sarah herself was diagnosed with autism, explaining her unusual behaviour, and unexpected reactions to events, nativity and difficulty with ordinary situations. She’s now studying a Masters of Science at university specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

*names have been changed

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