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Case Study

Tanya’s story

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Tanya is a Red Hen Trustee; having engaged with the project for many years, and benefiting from Red Hen support for her and her family.

Tanya had a difficult childhood herself, and has experienced in bringing up her own family. She has seen first-hand the impact Red Hen has, and because of this has developed an interest in supporting those experiencing similar difficulties, through volunteering for Red Hen and being a Red Hen Trustee.

Tanya is an active volunteer and Trustee; she has secured charitable donations for the project, represents the project at events such as The Arbury Carnival, and provides practical support at our coffee mornings. For every hour Tanya volunteers with us, she earns an hour or Time Credit. (Cambridgeshire Time Credits), which she can exchange for leisure activities with her family, e.g. swimming, cinema

Tanya speaks proudly about her involvement with the project, and the impact it has had on her life; ‘All thanks to the Red Hen Project; without their help and support, I don’t know where I’d be or what would’ve happened to my family.’ She is pleased to be part of an organisation which is democratic and co-produced by the community.

Tanya’s daughter was struggling with her physical health and was reluctant to go to school,

Tanya was at a loss to know where to start; ‘When I first met with The Red Hen Project, my life was a mess, I couldn’t cope with anything, family life wasn’t great either.’ With Red Hen’s support, Tanya was able to develop confidence in her daughter and improve her relationship with the school. She was able to access the support her daughter needed and know which strategies to use to provide support to her herself. Tanya and her daughter now feel more confident going to school, accessing other opportunities, and less anxious about going out.

‘My youngest child is at school and coping better with her medical condition, home life has improved so much. I’m also doing loads better, getting the help and support I need.’

Tanya explains that the relationship she has developed with Red Hen has motivated her to stay involved and share her experiences with peers.

‘The Red Hen Project workers listened to me, talked to me, and together we came up with ways to improve things. Slowly but surely things improved.’

As Tanya’s confidence and involvement grew, she found a passion for running as an outlet for supporting her own mental and physical health.

Tanya enjoys sharing her own experiences, helping others, and using her involvement with the project as a way to break down stigma, and misconceptions around mental health, and accepting support.



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