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5 ways to help a child in need this Christmas

By 22nd November 2020No Comments

This year has been tough on everyone and as we head into winter things are not about to improve.

But for some of the children and families we work with it’s been really hard.

Many families are on reduced hours and of course reduced income. Sadly, even families with two working parents can struggle to make ends meet in Cambridge which remains one of the most divided cities in the UK.

At Christmas time, it’s all too easy to be drawn into debt, guilt takes over, and we all want to make Christmas special for our children.

We work with primary schools to bring families in need under our wing sometimes with short term practical help and sometimes long term to deal with all sorts of issues that get in the way of children thriving in school. At this time of year we are busy speaking to families we know are struggling, to offer them assistance with Christmas.

You can support us to do this in several ways –